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*Committed to Serving Salem County Residents*

147 South Virginia Avenue, Penns Grove, NJ 08069 - Phone: 856-299-7200 - Hours: Weekdays 8:00-4:00

Phone: 856-299-7200

Work First NJ - WFNJ
Temp Asst to Needy Families TANF
General Assistance GA
Medicaid & NJ FamilyCare
Medical Transportation
Emergency Assistance Programs
Child Support Services
Special Programs-Other Services
Fraud and Abuse
SCBSS Board of Directors
Frequently Requested Info.


Frequently Requested Info.

The following information may be requested depending upon the program.


(Earned & Unearned)


A} Driver's License A} Most recent pay stubs A} Checking, Savings, Credit
B} Voter Registration Card B} Income verification from  Union, Statements
C} Clinic/Medical Card employer B} Stocks & Bonds
D} Work or School ID C} Self-employment statement C} Christmas Clubs
E} U. S. Passport D} Support/Alimony payments D} Car Registration
  E} Veteran's Benefits E} Insurance Policies

F} Social Security Check F} Burial Plots
G} Unemployment Check G} Real Estate
H} Worker's Compensation H} Other vehicles (boats, trucks,
I} Loans (personal & educational)  trailers, motorcycles)
J} Work Study Pay stubs I} Alien Sponsor
K} School Scholarship

L} Alien Sponsor
M} General Assistance
N} Temporary Disability



Documents Medical Information Work/School Expenses
A} Birth Certificate A} Medical form completed A} Child Care/Day Care
B} Social Security Card B} Unpaid medical bills prior to B} Disabled adult care
C} Alien Registration Card Application C} School expenses
D} Divorce Decree C} Health Insurance Payments (tuition, books, supplies, fees,
E} Support Orders D} Medical Statement transportation)
 F} Marriage License    
G} House Deed    
Residency Shelter Expenses Household Members 
A)  Address verification A} Rent/Mortgage Receipt A} Information may have to be provided regarding your household members
B) Rent/Mortgage Receipt Mandatory B} Telephone Bill
C) Tax/Utility Bill C} Installation/Connection charges
  D} Real Estate taxes  
  E} Electric bill  
  F} Gas/Oil bill  
  G} Water/Sewage bill  
  H} Residential Insurance  


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Salem County Board of Social Services: SCBSS Committed to Serving Salem County Residents

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Salem County Board of Social Services
147 South Virginia Avenue, Penns Grove, NJ 08069
Phone: 856-299-7200 - Hours: Weekdays 8:00-4:00

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